Brahma Shree Shri Vishnu Bhattathirippad released
the Souvenir on the Prathishta Day

Pranaprathishta of Lord Shri Ayyappa,

the Presiding Deity, Lord Shri Ganapathi, Goddess Ambaji and Nagaraja was solemnised on 23.01.1985 (10th Makaram 1160 - Avittam Star) at the graceful hands of our Thanthri Shree. Those who were present at the time of sanctification (on that occasion) would have witnessed the divine white-headed eagle circling over the temple, as it recurs in Sabarimala on the auspicious day of Makaravilakku. Small Temples were dedicated on 14.07.1988 (30th Mithunam 1163 - Punartham Star) to Lord Shri Shiva and Lord Shri Vishnu and on 07.02.1989 (25th Makaram 1164 - Avittam Star) to Lord Shri Kartikeya and Lord Shri Anjaneya.

Navagraha temple was also added to the complex on 04.06.1998 (21st Edavam 1173 - Atham Star), the day on which we all celebrate Prathishta Anniversary of Lord Shri Ayyappa at Sabarimala.

All the idols are of Krishnasila built by the prominent shilipies of Kerala

Thanthri Sri is not an ordinary mystic who exorcises evil spirits and helps afflicted individuals. He is a scholar who consecrates the deities and, in a sense, becomes a creator of the divine creator. Thanthri Sri begs the indulgence of the benign Omnipresent to assume a specific form--be it Lord Ayyappa or Goddess Durga--to bless the devotees and Mantras beg Him to grace the idol. Thanthra Samuchaya prescribes very intricate rituals and Thanthri Sri has to be a great scholar who learnt all the mantras for these elaborate rituals. Thanthri Sri's own mystic powers or Tapas decide the beneficent spirit, Chaitanya, of the temple. Following Pranaprathishtha, Thanthri Sri decides the rites and rituals to be performed as well as the kind of offerings to be made in the temple. The temple authorities take an oath of adherence to these and the temple priest invariably follows the directions. Thus, Thanthri Sri is the Super priest of the temple who performs important rituals like Maha Kumbhabhishekam, Utsava rites, Kalabham and Udayasthamana pooja whereas usual daily rites are performed by another Temple Priest.

Our Thanthriship vests with Kunnathur Padinjharedathu Mana Cherpu, Trissur District, Kerala. He has been performing as the Thanthri for more than a hundred temples of historical importance .

Our Thantri Sri Kunnathur Padinjharedathu Manakkal Brahma Shri Vishnu Bhattathirippad, Cherpu, Trichur, released the Souvenir on the Prathishta day. He has been performing as Thanthri Sri for more than a hundred temples of
historical importance .

Like Sabarimala, people from all walks of life, without the barrier of caste, creed, religion or region, visit this temple complex, which has thus turned, into a center fostering national integration through fraternity and devotion

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